Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poem 1

THe tears from my eye never fell like this before

I take a brreath in and let out more and more

My pain, my suffering and my guilt falls free

When i; m done i feela a little more at ease

i try to hold more than what I can take

Grieving over the same mistakes

Every blink I try to shake off

The more of my tears fall

I pray for strength and motivation

Ipray for love and dedication

My tears consume my fears

& I know my serentiy is near

Every teardropp had a story it held

With each splatter a tear unfolded to tell

Where my life comes in to chaos

With the emotions I could'nt shake off

My tears waved goodbye to the untold inner-workings

I letgo of the pain and the feelings from hurting

As I wiped away the tears I felt a calm

I could have almost it was Jesus' palm

His voice telling me the storm is over

& I bent down to kneel before him and begged him to make me over

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