Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gift From God

The greatest gift to all the world, was from God for man to herald,
His Gift came in Incarnate Deity; The Word was flesh for all to see,
It was God’s Son, Christ Jesus, who was given by Him to all of us,
The Gift of Salvation given to all, to redeem man from Adam’s fall.

The Gift, who was the Great I AM, born a baby, to be God’s Lamb,
Coming to pay the ultimate price, as a baby to become a sacrifice,
As a man, Christ was put on a path, to receive for us, eternal wrath,
Upon a cross, at Mount Calvary, to bring Salvation, to you and me.

The Gift was sent through Israel, as He came to do His Father’s will,
By The Father, He was sent to them, in that little town of Bethlehem,
To the House of Bread He was to be, Bread of Life for you and me,
From above came The Bread of Life, God’s Only Son, Jesus Christ.

Well pleasing in the eyes of God, to shepherd us with staff and rod,
Leading hearts of men from Calvary, to New Life with God Eternally,
New life that begins on the earth, born from above, by second birth,
A spiritual birth provided by Grace, when His Gift you truly embrace.

He saves His people from their sin, and in our hearts, He lives within,
As Emmanuel, now God is with us, through the Spirit of Christ Jesus.
From the very moment we believed, and the Gift of God we received,
With His Spirit as our guarantee, we’ll live with Christ through Eternity.

(Copyright ©01/2011 Bob Gotti)


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  4. what xchodax said.

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  6. Beautiful. Deep.